The Dad's Club mission is to be present, enhance, and encourage the students and community of Denham Oaks Elementary School through the involvement of Dads.

According to  the National Center for Education Statistics, children do better in school when their fathers are involved. One study found that children in families in which the father is highly involved get better grades, enjoy school more, and are less likely to repeat a grade, compared with kids from families in which only mothers are highly involved. In addition, the study found that children do better in school when their fathers take an active role even if their fathers do not live with them.

We have many opportunities for dads to get involved, including our Dad & Me Dance in the Spring, movie night and a Kickball event. Of course, dads are also welcome to attend all other events and volunteer as well!

To join Dad's Club, click here to join the PTA.

Questions? Contact: Jorge Rodriguez or  Joseph Soares